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Deep Tech Experts

Effortless access to primary research and unique insights from deep tech experts at the forefront of innovation in industry, startups and academia

For Enterprise R&D, Venture
and Tech Strategy teams

The Problem

The world is simply too competitive and volatile to be making blind or blinkered decisions.

“My team needs specific analysis and recommendations from real experts in the field, but with limited effort.”

The experts we need are hidden in startups, siloed in university labs or found in hard-to-reach corporate R&D departments

Case Study

Supporting KAUST to independently appraise deep tech funding opportunities

Our Tech Experts team searched and vetted 400+ independent industry and academic experts to provide an impartial assessment of the technical feasibility and commercial viability of over 30 research funding opportunities. As a result, KAUST could focus its investment in projects which offered the highest returns in terms of impact and commercialisation.

Example Use Cases

  • We are considering making an investment in a startup and need technical due diligence in the area of antimicrobial additives
  • Could we have 3 reference calls with experts in waste-heat recovery?
  • We’re redesigning the chemistry behind our recyclable products and need to validate if the technology is going to be 20% more efficient

Why innovation-led organisations work with us

Insights from 1000s of scientists in leading labs
Unparalleled coverage across every emerging technology
Insider advantage to keep you at the forefront of innovation