Ecosystem Scouting

We map the deep tech ecosystem of startups, research labs and industry innovators for you to collaborate, co-create and invest in

For R&D, Product Development
and Open Innovation teams

The Problem

Making connections with startups and universities is painstakingly slow. Selecting the wrong partner is costly.

“We need to shed light on things we haven’t seen, people we haven’t met, ideas that will change the game for us.”

We believe future technologies can only be achieved through collaboration. Not everybody has all the right ideas in one place

Case Study

Keeping Olympic athletes cool in extreme temperatures

With the intense heat and humidity of the Tokyo Olympics ahead, the Performance Innovation team needed to be aware of all possible technology strategies to mitigate risks to athletes and their equipment. Our Deep Tech Scouting team assessed emerging and market-ready solutions to identify 150+ technologies of relevance, ensuring no gaps were left uncovered.

Example Use Cases

  • We need to find potential partner university labs who lead the field in neuromorphic computing
  • We need to source a technology supplier in video codecs technology for video transmission via satellite networks
  • We need to shortlist startups working on Carbon Capture and Storage in the EMEA region

Why innovation-led organisations work with us

Insights from 1000s of scientists in leading labs
Unparalleled coverage across every emerging technology
Insider advantage to keep you at the forefront of innovation