Tech Radar

We continuously scan the horizon for breakthrough technology so your organisation can avoid blind spots and capture competitive advantage

For CTO, Strategic Innovation and
Tech Intelligence teams

The Problem

Monitoring multiple technology frontiers is too time-consuming. Inside thinking is prone to bias.

“Our challenge is to find the weak signals, the small ripples one kilometre out, before our competitors do.”
Case Study

Helping to keep BAE Systems at the forefront of cutting-edge tech

The CTO team needed to scan and monitor the global horizon for breakthrough technologies in labs and adjacent industries. We built a custom Radar team comprising 68 scientists in robotics, autonomous systems, advanced materials and computing systems to provide an impartial, outside-in view and help mitigate blind spots.

We have blind spots. Our services tell us what has happened already. What we’re really looking for is what’s coming next

Why innovation-led organisations work with us

Insights from 1000s of scientists in leading labs
Unparalleled coverage across every emerging technology
Insider advantage to keep you at the forefront of innovation

Use Cases

  • We need to systematically track progress being made in quantum computing by research labs across the world
  • We need to monitor breakthrough discoveries impacting our business in hydrogen, batteries and emerging energy storage systems
  • We need to scan the horizon for startups developing augmented reality solutions for synthetic training